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If you would like to connect rightly to elusive technology, you would always need an ingenious connector. Ubintex has set its foot with the motive to deliver the most trusted, reliable, and professional connectors. The world-class connectors at Ubintex, assists you to make your technology products a miracle, outsmarting in the global market.

Where there is Technology, there is Ubintex

Connectors are the absolute necessity for the commercial electronic market. Ubintex provides the connector with easiness at witty prices. Ranging from cable products and assemblies to PCB card sockets. For diverse applications including server, storage, data center, networking, industrial, business equipment, and automotive, you need the best connectors that support your innovative products. This is where you can trust Ubintex. Always!

Ubintex Connectors- a Connectivity Solution

Technology revolutionizing at the drop of the hat, needs a base that keeps your innovative products alive, working, and influencing people’s lives with the trust you how through it. Ubintex wants to concrete the trust between your people and you while connecting trust to their technology!


Innovative Product

Prioritizing the entire focus to deliver world-class connectors that technology businesses can Trust.

Worldwide Shipping

We reach our products to every corner of the world that has technology through a transparent process.

Reliable and Consistent

Ubintex provides the connectors that hold together the innovation and technology.

Trusted Products

Providing you the most assured quality products from the best experts and experienced engineers.

Fit Diverse Applications

Be assured to receive the most relevant products for your application that adds more value to it


Ubintex has connectors that provide value for your money, where the usage and benefit are worth the amount.

Industry Segment

Industrial Automation


Data technology

Medical Technology

Automotive electronics

Aerospace, Military & Defense Technology

Product categories


Circuit Protection Component

Terminal Block

EV Connector

Ethernet Connector

Circular Connector

LED Lightning Connector

Audio / Video Connector

Focus topics

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