IoT (Internet of Things)

New Edge technology that ranges from measuring the heart rate to process data miles away, Connectivity solutions play a vital role in changing the quality of life of humans with the internet. With the motive to provide native and friendly IOT solutions, various industries like medical, agriculture, fleet management, traffic monitoring, use high-tech integrated plug-and-play IOT sensors and software. The proliferation of connected technologies is placing new technical demands on industrial connectors. Higher speeds, higher frequency performance, and reduced form factors are required, along with ruggedness, reliability, and immunity against electromagnetic interference.

Embedded electronic components in various appliances, including sensors, actuators, connectors, and cables, enable these devices to collect and exchange data and be remotely monitored and controlled. The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a sub-segment specifically dedicated to manufacturing that involves the convergence of the IoT, real-time analytics, machine learning, and embedded systems, including wireless sensor networks, control systems, and automation technologies. The IIoT adds analysis and informed response capabilities to standard IoT functions. These advanced capabilities enable the improved manufacturing efficiencies, productivity, and other economic benefits intrinsic to Industry 4.0, a subset of the fourth industrial revolution that includes smart factories and lights-out manufacturing.

Ubintex Connectivity solution provides greater capacity, lower latency, increased reliability, and availability. Integration of connectivity solutions to IOT technology is done to simplify, control, and automate different processes in it.

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