The modern infrastructures doesn’t only mean to compile responsive high technology ideas but also intelligent and efficient lighting done. The lighting system has gone far more than just bulb pricing and light quality. The parity is now done with smart sensor enable lighting, which is energy-efficient and cost-effective. The sensor and connectivity solutions are designed and applied according to the occupancy, modes, and modules of applications.

Connectors are a key part of every LED lighting system, and it’s wise to consider specialist interconnection technologies at the start of the design process to avoid being stuck with limited choices and, therefore, sub-optimal performance and excess cost further down the line.
Modern lighting connectors are designed especially for LED lighting systems and their demands. High-end lighting features, such as dimming, brightness control, and color change that depends on ambient light conditions, are becoming prevalent, so connector manufacturers are responding with specialized LED lighting connectors. This new breed of devices combines power, data, control, and communications functions and is gaining traction in smart building applications as well as offices, retail lighting, and other multi-luminaire applications. Many different components from device connection and control technologies can simplify installation processes and improve flexibility, efficacy when wiring, and controlling LED lighting systems.

Ubintex provides wire-to-wire connectors, PCB connectors, Programmable Logic Controls, surface mount connectors, and various other variety of connectors, based on the designs.

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