About Us

About Us

As a leading connectivity solution provider, Ubintex is a company that brings world-class connectors with precision for diverse applications. With customizable connectivity solutions, we encourage our customers to produce more innovative products. We develop connectors that are energy-efficient, readily accessible, and work well with high transmission density. Every time you choose us, what surely comes along is reliability, innovation, and Trust. Because we surely connect Trust to technology.

With the motive of keeping customers ahead of the market trend curve, Ubintex always focuses on fulfilling the advancement of the upcoming generation preferring high-speed connectivity that is trustworthy and provides compact yet innovative solutions of Connectors. Ubintex understands evolving technologies and brings connectors that process in virtually real-time and trigger appropriate corrective actions.

Our Team

Ubintex has a professional team of experts and highly experienced engineers who understand the design requirements and provide turnkey solutions. We constantly update and upgrade the resources and materials to provide unbeatable solutions of connectors to meet the competitive edge of the market. Our team keeps eyeing innovative products that can make your product more reliable, compact, and more useful, competing well in the market. Starting from the process of research and development to excellent supplier management processes, we employ a group of highly trained people making best-fit solutions.


Luise Litt

Lead Developer

Katrina Bennett

Intern Designer

Mike Ross

Intern Designer

Worldwide Shipping

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Best Quality

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Best Offers

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Secure Payments

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To be the most accurate/Genuine/dependable, consistent, and trustworthy connectors in the market so that when people think of connectors, they think of us.



To create that trust in technology through excellent, reliable, and feasible connectors that lead the global market and meet the customer’s demand. 



To build, maintain, and retain a long-running relation of trust and confidence of customers over Ubintex and relentlessly seek improvements of our products and services.


Core Competencies

Ceaseless Innovation

A major reason we have been long seen as the first connector choice for customers because of the constant meeting of the trends and demands. We provide 21st-century connectors that are appropriate in weight, size, and power, which gives a smooth experience of connectivity in technology. Surely, the product quality remains consistently high, no matter what application it is being used.

Customer Handling/ Customer Management

Success comes from the unparalleled ability to provide excellent customer service. From concept and design to prototype and final discussion, Ubintex provides a customizable connectivity solution to fulfill your custom requirements for the connectors. Ranging from specific space limitation to commercial and technical challenges, we are sure to provide connectors that best fits your need.

Distribution Support System/ Distribution channels

We also have great connectivity of providing connectors. We believe in building strong, reliable, and ever-lasting relationships with our distribution partners to keep the flow of connectors uninterrupted and undelayed. We possess supply partners that support the growth of technology through connectors.

Quality Assurance

 Innovative plating technology, lead-free solutions, compact, and tech-savvy connectors is what we provide. This gives you the most cost-effective and efficient connectivity solutions. Along with maintaining the cost-quality balance, we also keep servicing the reliability of the connectors overtime to make sure that they stand well under all constraints either internal like shocks and vibrations, or environmental like temperature and aging.

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